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We all want to wear fashionable frames.  I never liked the idea of putting on contact lenses every day, and I am sure we all can relate to this one way or the other.  We see that cool girl everyday in different sunglasses to match her outfit and we wonder how does she not transfer makeup.  Most women do transfer makeup but they just don't care.  But wouldn't you like me to share this beauty hack with you?

When you wear foundation the frames of the eyewear presses against the skin on the nose bridge and causes sweat due to rubbing and the surface of the frame lifts the foundation because of the sweat and the rubbing.  I have researched for years on how to prevent this.  It is so annoying removing the glasses for various reasons whether it is to take a selfie or to go indoors, whatever the reason, and be embarrassed because of the two big spots left on the nose area.  Well now I have found that creating a rubbery or thick gel surface on the bridge of the frames would prevent this.


Smoothe a thick layer  of Nail Top Coat on the inner bridge of the frame then set it with setting powder.



Smoothe a thick layer of Hair Glue on the inner bridge of the frame. Let it dry.  It is always good to set with setting powder.  


Thank me later!

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